Cyber Puzzle HackRow


In a distant future, the evil Dr. Tetho has taken over MatriZ, a super computer that controls all resources of Planet Earth. With this, Dr. Tetho has claimed himself ruler of the planet.

When all hope was lost against the tyranny of Dr. Tetho, a savior appears: a simple AI software called HackRow, that was infiltrated in MatriZ hidden in a cursor icon by the benovelent Dr. Chachibasa.

The mission of unlocking the security of MatriZ and freeing the world from the tyranny of Dr. Tetho is in the hands of HackRow now!


HackRow is an exciting 2D puzzle that reinvents the classic "Sokoban" game and takes it to another level with more than 15 brand-new features. Each puzzle of the more than 100 levels that exist create a unique and challenging experience.


If you want to challenge your mind, Cyber Puzzle HackRow is the game for you.


Get inside MatriZ and face 100 challenging levels in this bidimensional puzzles game!

More than 15 different features will make this game fresh in every level!


Updated with:

  • New graphic style
  • New items
  • 12 challenging achievements to try your skills

Cyber Puzzle HackRow screenshots